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Marketing Director

Miami, FL - Full Time

About the Role

We are looking for a Brand & Marketing Manager who is passionate about creating and promoting the brand. The individual should help to generate creative content, coordinate marketing efforts, manage digital profiles and grow our platform through various tech channels. Experience with photography, videography, graphic design, and digital editing is a plus. This is an in-house branding/marketing position with flexibility to accommodate a full time or part time schedule. 


  • Plan and execute digital strategies

  • Create and manage social media content and engagement (LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube)

  • Coordinate the development of marketing/sales tools 

  • Basic understanding of Java, Python, and other coding languages is a plus

  • Use Adobe Photoshop, Premier and other graphic design software

  • Assist with the design, coordination and execution of digital campaigns 

  • Stay organized and participate in teamwork

  • Work with third party partners, content creators, musicians, artists and influencers

  • Execute small or large scale events

Please email to apply and include "ZYX Marketing Coordinator" as the subject line along with a copy of your CV.

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