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Navigating CRE Negotiations: What's Your Style?

From the aggressive closer to the analytical data wizard, negotiation tactics in CRE are as varied as the properties involved. Each deal presents its own challenges, with negotiators adopting various styles to seal the deal. Understanding these styles not only helps in recognizing your own approach but also in anticipating the moves of your counterparts.

While everyone has their own tricks, here's a breakdown of common CRE negotiation styles and the traits that define them:

1. The Closer

Inspired by the high-stakes energy of "The Wolf of Wall Street," The Closer is all about sealing the deal. This style is marked by assertiveness, persistence, and the ability to make decisive moves to clinch the deal.

2. Win-Win Negotiator

This approach focuses on finding solutions that benefit both parties. It's about building relationships and ensuring that everyone walks away satisfied, fostering long-term connections in the process.

3. Data-Driven Strategist

With a penchant for numbers, the Data-Driven Strategist leverages market analytics, financial models, and empirical evidence to drive negotiations. This style is characterized by thorough research and a rational approach to decision-making.

4. Collaborative Problem-Solver

This negotiator excels in teamwork and open communication, viewing challenges as opportunities for creative solutions. They thrive on feedback and collective brainstorming to overcome obstacles and reach an agreement.

5. A Bit of All of the Above

Sometimes, the best approach incorporates elements from each style, adapting to the unique demands of each negotiation. This versatile negotiator is flexible, ready to switch gears as the situation dictates.


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