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Earth is our Landlord

World's Rent 1% is our way of giving back to the planet. We pledge to donate 1% of annual revenues to local communities, charities of good nature, and global initiatives that align with our core beliefs. As a diverse company, we explore various programming that celebrates our firms mixed backgrounds and believe that companies should be held to a higher standard to protect our future by putting people and the planet ahead of profits!

Everglades Foundation

The Everglades Foundation

The Everglades Foundation is an organization that works to protect and restore America’s Everglades through science, advocacy and education. The Everglades are a 1.5 million-acre of wetlands preserve on the southern tip of the U.S. state of Florida. The Everglades Foundation is the main institution supporting restoration in addition to generating advocacy, research, science and education programs for teachers and the next generation, ultimately highlighting the importance of this ecosystem to over 8 million Floridians. By supporting the Everglades Literacy / Sustainable Futures Program, we help the Everglades Foundation train teachers over seeing 100,000 students about the ecological and economic value the ecosystem provides and what we can do to preserve and protect the Everglades.

Coral Reef Alliance.jpg

Coral Reef Alliance

Coral Reef Alliance's mission is to save coral reefs across the world. To do so, we launched a pioneering research project to define a science-based, global solution that would save reefs and preserve their benefits for people and wildlife. With knowledge from this research project, we created an innovative approach called Adaptive Reefscapes that facilitates the environment to allow corals to adapt in the era of climate change. The fate of coral reefs might be decided in the next 25 years, but if the global coral reef conservation community can establish 45 Adaptive Reefscapes around the world by the year 2045, we estimate that we can save enough corals that they can continue to build reefs and provide benefits to people and wildlife throughout nearly all the world’s coral reefs.


Tompkins Conservation

Tompkins Conservation aims to conserve the wild of the Southern Cone by conserving and restoring landscapes, protecting marine systems, and reintroducing native wildlife. Every acre protected helps sequester carbon and mitigate the climate crisis. Tompkins Conservation was founded to save wildlife and wild habitat in the Souther Cone and has been doing so for more than a quarter century, achieving unprecedented success as national park-oriented philanthropists. In collaboration with governments and philanthropic partners, Tompkins Conservation has helped protect approximately 14.5 million acres in Chile and Argentina. This legacy of conservation success is embodied in 11 new national parks, including Patagonia National Park.

Animal Legal Defense Fund.jpg

Animal Legal Defense League

The Animal Legal Defense Fund’s mission is to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system. The Animal Legal Defense Fund accomplishes this mission by filing high-impact lawsuits to protect animals from harm, providing free legal assistance and training to prosecutors to assure that animal abusers are held accountable for their crimes, supporting tough animal protection legislation and fighting legislation harmful to animals, and providing resources and opportunities to law students and professionals to advance the emerging field of animal law.

African Wildlife.jpg

African Wildlife Foundation

Our vision implores us to make good and hard choices about the models that are most likely to achieve a desirable future for Africa’s people and wildlife. It is especially important that AWF and our collaborators invest at the interface of Africa where wildlife and wild lands intersect with human activities and settlements. AWF is uniquely positioned in the conservation landscape on the continent. AWF has found a valuable niche encompassing the combination of taking an in-situ approach that serves the conservation and development goals of individual African countries, providing and elevating African voices for wildlife and wild lands both on the continent and abroad, and lastly offering a global presence and perspective.


One Tree Planted

Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habitat to over 80% of the world's terrestrial biodiversity. They also provide jobs to over 1.6 billion people, absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere, and are key ingredients in 25% of all medicines. As an environmental charity, we are dedicated to making it easier for individuals and businesses to give back to the environment, create a healthier climate, protect biodiversity, and help reforestation efforts around the world. Started in 2014, we have more than doubled the number of trees planted year over year, and work with awesome reforestations partners across 43 countries who help us get trees in the ground. These projects restore forests after fires and floods, create jobs, build communities, and protect habitat for wildlife.



Greenpeace uses non-violent and creative action to pave the way towards a greener, more peaceful world, and to confront the systems that threaten our environment. Greenpeace's voice has never been more necessary to amplify the courage and power of the people who are trying to build something better. Our goal is to ensure that our wonderful Earth has the ability to nurture abundance of life in all her corners by protecting biodiversity in all its forms, preventing pollution and abuse of the earth’s ocean, land, air and fresh water, reducing nuclear/toxic waste, and lastly, promoting peace, global disarmament and non-violence across the world.

Rainforest Alliance.png

Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance is creating a more sustainable world by using social and market forces to protect nature and improve the lives of farmers and forest communities. To achieve our mission, we partner with diverse allies around the world to drive positive change across global supply chains and in many of our most critically important natural landscapes. Our alliance spans 70 countries and includes farmers and forest communities, companies, governments, civil society, and millions of individuals. Together we work to protect forests and biodiversity, take action on climate, and promote the rights and improve the livelihoods of rural people.

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